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13 September 2010 @ 07:07 am
How to comment on Anli Pollicino's blog entries  
(it's 7AM and I haven't gone to sleep yet, I'm sorry for all mistakes)

With this, you should be able to make a comment with just about no previous experience of Japanese. If you want more words added, please request!

And why go though all this trouble?

Three reasons.

★ I demand it from you. I translate these entries, and all I ask in return is that you comment. On the originals.
★ It makes Anli Pollicino very happy. You know all this "thanks for the comments!"?
Members not Shindy usually get around five comments.
They deserve more
★And finally, It makes Anli aware that they have a strong international fan base. OKAY? You want them back? Prove it for them.

And with that...

Step one.
Get an ameblo account. HOW? Here's a guide of awesome

Step two.
Someway on another figure out the content of their blogs. Am I late with the translation? Trust me, sending an angry e-mail to hyena@hotmail.se usually get's it done within a day. Otherwise, Google Translate is a very reliable source.

... Just kidding.

It doesn't really matter what you write, I'm sure they'll be happy just to get comments, okay?

Step three.
Write the comment. Here comes the hard part, because it's only Shindy that understands English, and for some of the other members you got to write the comments with the keyboard set on Japanese. Which of course makes Japanese the best language to write in. But since your Japanese vocabulary is not the greatest, what to do? That's what this post is for. A long list of Japanese phrases and stuff you can copypaste to Anli's blogs.

PART 1. Polite or not.
It's up to you whenever you'd like to write polite or not, but I really really recommend polite. if you'd like to, you can write as they do. The sadists, Shindy and Yo-1, writes friendly, narcissistic Takuma switches but usually addresses his fans friendly, himself humble and the rest polite, and our masochist Masatoshi writes polite. Kiyo writes like a 14-year old, I'm not sure what that says about his sexuality.
Anyway, I will try use both forms written mostly like FRIENDLY FORM・POLITE FORM

PART 2. Names
You don't actually have to introduce yourself, but if you have to - NAMEです (desu) works. NAMEだよ (da yo) works too, but it's less polite.

Addressing them, use san NAME(さん). Yo-1さん (Or Yo-3 if you'd like to be witty), Shindyさん, 将寿さん (or 将軍寿司さん) and 清淳さん.
Takuma is special and should be addressed 琢磨様 (Takuma-sama).

... Or you can go for さん for him as well. If for some reason ameblo cockblocks names in roman letters, you can spell Shindy シンヂィー、Yo-1 ヨー1 and Anli アンリ, but at least in Yo-1's case, it's not recommended. Even if you're talking to them you should use their names. Don't use あなた (anata), you. It's rude.

Oh, Anli should be written with a san, too. Anliさん.

Don't call Masa オタクさん (otaku-san). No, seriously.

PART 3. The standard phrases.
This is what you could use for most of their entries. It doesn't matter if you say the same thing in every entry, at least they will know you read and pay attention, and that will mean a lot to them.

頑張ってね・頑張ってください (Ganbatte ne / Ganbatte kudadai). I'm sure most of you know this, but it means "do your best". DON'T WRITE "頑張る" (ganbaru)! It means that you will do your best, and most be confusing for their small brains. You can use "頑張りましょう" (ganbarimashou) though, let's do our best. There is also "頑張れ (ganbare), which is usually used in sports and such. It means the same, but less like "do your best~" and more like "CRUSH THOSE FUCKING LOSERS RAAAAWR!" It's a more pushy version.

美味しそう・美味しそうです (oishisou/oishisou desu) It's depressing that this should be the second most important phrase, but it is. It means "That seems/looks delicious", and is the only phrase you need to know for Kiyo's blog. It'd be considered rude to tell him "that looks like it could send a hippo into coma", even if it's true.

お疲れ様・お疲れ様です (otsukaresama/otsukaresama desu) Thanks for today, thanks for the hard work or something. Use after lives, even if you didn't attend! Or when they accomplished something! Or just generally tried hard to accomplish it, at least...

行ってらっしゃい (itterasshai) Have a safe trip

お帰り・お帰りなさい (okaeri/okaerinasai) Welcome home

楽しみ・楽しみに待ってます (tanoshimi/tanoshimi ni mattemasu) I'm looking forward it

楽しそう・楽しそうです (tanoshisou/tanoshisoudesu) That seems/looks fun

毎日、ブログ書いてくださり、ありがとう (mainichi, burogo kaite kudasari, arigatou) Thanks for updating every day

PART 4. They're doing stupid stuff, please somebody stop them
Or they're just sick.

早く良くなってね・早く良くなってください (hayaku yokunatte ne/hayaku yokunatte kudasai) Get well soon

お大事に・お大事にしてください (odaijini/odaijini shite kudasai) Take care. This is a more common expression than the one above, so it's better to use. Just "odaijini" works even in polite conversations.

無理をしないでね・無理をしないでください (muri wo shinaide ne/muri wo shinaide kudadai) Please don't overdo it.

ゆっくり休んでね・ゆっくり休んでください (yukkuri yasunde ne/yukkuri yasunde kudasai) Please rest

ちゃんと食べてね・ちゃんと食べてください (chanto tabete ne/chanto tabete kudasai) Please eat properly

ちゃんと飲んでね・ちゃんと飲んでください (chanto nonde ne/chanto nonde kudasai) Please drink properly

ちゃんと寝てね・ちゃんと寝てください (chanto nete ne/chanto nete kudasai) Please sleep properly

気をつけてね・気をつけてください (ki wo tsukete ne/ki wo tsukete kudasai) Please be careful

大丈夫・大丈夫ですか (daijyoubu/daijyoubu desu ka) Are you okay?

大変ね・大変ですね (taihen ne/taihen desu ne) That sucks

PART 5. Compliments
Overuse this section. As much as possible. Just inset MEMBER/THING/ACTION は/が WORD [です]ね. When to use は and then go use が is a bit complicated - there is a guide here, but in most cases you can stick to は and hope to be excused because you're a foreigner. If you're writing friendly, you don't need it at all. Or even better, you don't actually need to specify. If Kiyo is posting a picture of himself and a pizza, and talking about how good the pizza is, if you say "格好いいですね" (kakkouii desu ne), I think he'll figure you're not calling the pizza good-looking.

いい (ii) Good. If you're commenting on Shindy, write xxxイイ[です]ね, and if Yo-1, E[です]ne.

最高 (saikou) The best.

凄い (sugoi) That's amazing. This is a good phrase to use on people, like "琢磨さん凄いね", (Takuma-san is amazing). Can be spelled in a varity of ways, like "スゲー" (suge-)

やばい (yabai) this literary means dangerous, but is often used as slang for "terrific" or "terrible". But writing "やばいね" to a male is usually a compliment.

格好いい (kakkouii) Cool. Usually complimenting the looks of something or someone.

行けめん (ikemen) Handsome guy. Be a bit careful with this, "清さんいけめんね" can be interpreted as OMG KIYO UR SO SEXY.

うまい (umai) It literary means "tasty", but it can mean "skillful" or "good" too.

上手 (jyozu) Skillful, clever

素敵 (suteki) Lovely, usually not used for discribing people

きれい (kirei) ... This means beautiful, as I'm sure as many knows. But it's typically used to discribe women, so be careful of how you use it. It might work for Shindy, but for Masa and Kiyo, that still have some manlyness left, don't.

かわいい (kawaii) Cute. They're men, I'm not sure this is what they want to be called, but for stuff, it's a good word

面白い (omoshiroi) Funny, interesting

楽しい (tanoshii) Fun

PART 6. You&Them
Because sometimes they actually want to know your option for some riddiculus reason.

Anliのライブへ行きたいね・Anliのライブへ行きたいですね (Anli no laibu he ikitai ne/Anli no raibu he ikitai desu ne) I want to go to Anli's lives.
日本を訪れたいです (nihon wo otozuretai desu) I want to visit Japan

xxx嬉しい・xxx嬉しいです (xxx ureshii/xxx ureshii desu) I'm happy. For example, ペタ嬉しい, I'm happy for the peta.
ペタ、ありがとう・ペタ、ありがとうございます (peta, arigatou/peta, arigatou gozaimasu) Thanks for the peta

xxx好き・xxxが好きです (xxx suki/xxx ga suki desu) I like xxx
xxx大好き・xxxが大好きです (xxx daisuki/xxx ga daisuki desu) I love xxx

xxx食べてみたい・xxxを食べてみたいです (xxx tabete mitai/xxx wo tabete mitai desu) I want to try eating xxx
xxx飲んでみたい・xxxを飲んでみたいです (xxx nonde mitai/xxx wo nonde mitai desu) I want to try drinking xxx
新曲聞きたい・新曲を聞きたいです (shikyoku kikitai/shinkyoku wo kikitai desu) I want to hear [the] new song

びっくりでした (bikkuri deshita) I was surprised
信じられない (shinjirarenai) I can't believe it

日本語が下手です (nihongo ga heta desu) My Japanese is awful
日本語を練習する必要があります (nihongo wo renshu suru hitsuyou ga arimasu)

笑わせていただきました (warawasete itadakimashita) This made me laugh

泣きたい・泣きたいです (nakitai/nakitai desu) I want to cry
泣いた・泣きました (naita/nakimashita) I cried

心配だ・心配です (shinpai da/shinpai desu) I'm worried

ご無沙汰しております (gobusata shite orimasu) I'm sorry I haven't written in a while

PART 7. Words

これ (kore) this
それ (sore) that
あれ (are) that over there

声 (koe) voice
ギター (gita-) guitar
ベース (be-su) base
ドラム (doramu) drums
ライブ (raibu) live
演奏 (performance)
ステージ (sute-ji) stage, performance
スタジオ (sutajio) studio
練習 (renshuu) practice
リハ (riha) rehearsal

ブログ (burogu) blog, entry
ペタ (peta)
コメント (komento) comment

食べ物 (tabemono) food
ご飯 (rice, meal)
昼ご飯 (hirugohan) lunch
朝ご飯 (asagohan) breakfast
晩ご飯 (bangohan) dinner
夕食 (yuushoku) evening meal
ラーメン (ra-men) ramen
そば (soba)
うどん (udon)
焼肉 (yakiniku)

メイク (maiku) make-up
シャツ (shatsu) shirt
ズボン (zubon) pants
服 (fuku) clothes

フランス (Furansu) France
ホランド (Horando) Holland, The Netherlands
ドイツ (Doitsu) German
アメリカ (Amerika) America
スイス (Suisu) Switzerland
ルーマニア (Ru-mania) Romania

初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) Miku, the VOCALOID
バロン (Baron) Baron, Yo-1's dog
将寿のお母さん (Masatoshi no okaasan) Masatoshi's mom
ランニング (ranningu) running
喉 (nodo) throat, singing voice
指 (yubi) finger
ダイエット (dietto) diet

書く事 (kakukoto) writing
読む事 (yomukoto) reading
聞く事 (kikukoto) listening

PART 8. Phrases and stuff

是非xxxしてください (zehi xxx shite kudasai) Please do xxx!
xxxへ行ってください (xxx he itte kudasai) Please come to xxx!
またxxxへ来てください (mata xxx he kite kudasai) Please come to xxx again!

本当 (hontou) Really
マジですか (maji desu ka) Seriously?
(笑) ((wara)) (laugh)

xxx ダメですよ! (xxx dame desu yo!) xxx is no good!/don't xxx!
バカな事言わないでよ (bakana koto iwanaide yo) Don't say such stupid things

それはよく似合いますよ (sore ha yoku niaimasu yo) That fits you very well
どっちでも良いんじゃない (docchidemo iin jya nai) Whatever's fine
xxxのほうが良いと思います (xxx no houga ii to omoimasu) I think xxx is better

タバコを吸うのを止めてください (tabako wo suu no wo todomete kudasai) Please give up smoking. This can be considered a bit rude to say, be careful with how to use it.
タバコを吸うことは体に悪いよね (tabako wo suu koto ha karada ni warui yo ne) Smoking is bad for you

読むだけで痛そうです (yomu dake de itasou desu) That hurts just I read it
読んでるだけでなんかゾッとしました (yonderu dake de nanka zotto shimashita) I somehow get shivers just from reading that
無事に回復なさってて安心しました (buji ni kaifuku nasattete anshin shimashita) I'm glad you recovered well

PART 9. Greeting
You don't have to use those

お久しぶりですね (ohisashiburi desu ne) It's been a while
こんにちは (konnichiwa) Hello
こんばんは (konbanwa) Good evening
おはよう・おはようございます (ohayou/ohayou gozaimasu) Good morning
またね (mata ne) See you
おやすみ・おやすみなさい (oyasumi/oyasuminasai) Good night
xxxから来た・xxxから来ました (xxx kara kita/xxx kara kimashita) I come from xxx

PART 10. Smilies and symbols
These are my personal favorites

( ´Д`)
( ゚Д゚)
( ´_ゝ`)
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)
((T.T; )(; T.T))
(- 3 -)~♪
γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

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unihikounihiko on September 12th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
Awesome post is awesome! Thanks hyena! m(_ _)m Now I can start building a reputation of "that psycho creep who always stalks Masa's blog" in earnest! (ノ^w^)ノ

One question: are any of them in the habit of replying to comments? (Is there even a "reply to this comment" function on Ameba?)
hystericalhyena: コーヒーhystericalhyena on September 16th, 2010 02:13 am (UTC)
No, they don't reply to stuff. Before they made FAQ posts though, and now Shindy seems to had some party about it... Let's hope the others catch on. Something you wanna ask?
A R L E Q U I N: 将寿;002arlequin on September 12th, 2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
Hopefully people start commenting on their entries now. I've thought long & hard about commenting on their blogs but never did because I am a pussy. But you're right, everyone but Shindy only get like 5 comments. Depressing!

I hope it's okay to still comment/spam your translation posts! I've kind of been spamming you with comments & messages lately! D:
hystericalhyena: バトマンhystericalhyena on September 16th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
PLEASE KEEP SPAMMING. OH PLEASE PLEASE DO. Lately I have been getting like... 0 comments. I know people are reading, and I don't really do it for getting comments, but... Its sorta depressing? I want the discussions!

And comment them, too!
re0_chan on September 13th, 2010 12:33 am (UTC)
Hmm. Ahem.
You're god.

Thank you sooooo(∞)ooooo much !
hystericalhyenahystericalhyena on September 16th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
I know.

No problem ♥ Anything more you want added?
kuroodiakuroodia on February 18th, 2011 11:13 pm (UTC)
this post was so funny and interesting...
you write strictly to the point, sorry because I say this
but you should have mention that "suge" it's used only by boys.
it's just that in my first year of Japanese when I didn't know about man & women way of speaking, I was talking to a Japanese guy, and somehow I ended up saying suge, he looked funny at me and asked me "suge?", and I was like..."what? is something wrong?", but he didn't told me about it, he just said..."iie iie, kawaii"
I really appreciated him for calling me cute, but I was really embarrassed, when I found out... (=w=;;)
so yeah...sorry again ^^
mazoist_kisoumazoist_kisou on June 26th, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
Wow... You know what? I really do understand you. This situation happened to me, but, during a past instore event of another band. I'm so ashamed I want to hide now. Thank you for information!ROFL