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10 May 2012 @ 12:59 am
Takuma will hold a Twitter Q&A session!  
This Friday, May 11th, 22.00-23.00 Japan time, Takuma will take questions on Twitter.

So, in celebration of reaching 777 followers on Twitter, Takuma is holding his first live replyfest, as promised. He's nervous! (Oh, and Masa wants to do one too, again, but complained about having no time.)

Takuma's rules are:

He only answers questions received between 22.00 and 23.00 Japan time on May 11th.
He starts answering at 22.00, but will keep going after 23.00.
Ask as many questions as you like. He intends to answer them all. If he misses something, ask again (but only during the allowed time). Follow-up questions to his replies are okay too.
Ask the questions at his usual account, @ap_takuma1223.
To see the replies, look at anli_fes (so he doesn't flood your entire Twitter feed with his replies).
Don't ask anything mean, rude or dumb, or he'll burn holes into your hard drive with his death stare of disapproval. Okay, he didn't actually write that last one, but you know it's true. Think of something interesting. He gives good, honest replies usually, so this should be worth the effort and fun! (Oh, and he doesn't seem very confident in English, so I'd recommend asking anything more complicated in Japanese.)